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I spent my early 20’s being sliced in thirds and lit on fire every an illusionist’s assistant in Vegas, of course! But, then it was time to join the family business, so like 3 maternal generations before me, I ran away with the circus. After spending more than a decade on the road, I settled down to do film and TV. Being a performer is in my blood, and I have now passed it down to my daughter who will make her film debut in “The Hunger Games” prequel this fall. Some say I am a mash up of two of the most famous Jennifers; Garner meets Aniston, add a little Joanna Swisher and it’s a homerun.


If you’re looking for someone to play: the tender-hearted mom with street smarts from a childhood on the wrong side of the tracks; a newscaster who takes her stories home at night; the nurse who has dance parties with her patients; or the shrewd executive with a thinly veiled soft side, I would love to schedule a meeting.

Height: 5'5"  Weight: 125 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Hazel


Location: NYC


The Equalizer                          Co-Star                           CBS
Law & Order                           Co-Star                            NBC
Billions                                     Co-Star                            Showtime
The Blacklist                           Co-Star (2 eps)              NBC
Person of Interest                  Co-Star                           CBS
Autopsy                                   Co-Star                           HBO
What Would You Do            Lead (6 eps)                     ABC
A Crime To Remember        Co-Star                            ID
Jimmy Kimmel Live               Co-Star                            ABC


Kiss The Bruise                                        Supporting           Dir. Barry Dorsey
3.5 Days
                                                   Supporting           Dir. Guy Jackson
                                                         Supporting           Dir. Mark Serao
Summer of Truth (Katie Fforde)        
  Supporting           ZDF Enterprises

Whatever Lola Wants                            Dance Coach      Pathe Films


HSN                                                                       Guest Host                                 HSN
AOL Series                                                           Host                                              AOL
Something Weird News                                      Field Reporter                            Comcast
Going Solar                                                           Host – Pilot, 4 ep.                     First Resolution Prod.
Exercise TV (On-Demand)                               Host – 8 segments                   Dragonfly Productions                                                            Host – 12 webisodes                 Hearst
Your Money Today w/ Paul Hochman             Guest Host                                  MSN
Buff Brides – Countdown to Gown                 Host                                             Inspired Productions

Tours (National/International):

Cirque Le Masque ; Jonathan David Bass Illusions ; Jade Esteban Estrada
(Recording Artist) ; Bradley Fields Magic


Commercial, Industrial, Print, and VoiceOver conflicts available upon request.

Training & Education

Acting                 HB Studio, Actors Connection, MMAS
Improv                Upright Citizens Brigade
VoiceOver         Darren Dunstan, Lisa Biggs, Lisa Fischoff & Stacey Seidel-Tea
Hosting               Patricia Murphy, Barbara Barna, Marki Costello
Dance                  Alvin Ailey School, The Martha Graham School (Full Scholarship)

Education           University of Massachusetts at Amherst, B.A., Dance (cum laude)

Special Skills

TelePrompter Expert, Ear Prompter, Interview Skills, Certified Yoga Instructor
(Vinyasa/Pre-Natal), PADI Certified Scuba Diver, Cooking, Professional Dancer and Choreographer (stage/screen/theater) Partner Dancing (Swing, Hustle), Snorkeling, Travel, Pilates, Magic Illusions, 4th Generation Circus Performer, Conversational French, Valid Passport, Drivers License(Standard/Automatic), Stage and Tour Management, Mom.

Professional home VO studio with Source Connect.

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